90 day challenge to lose 50 pounds

I have started a 90 day challenge to lose 50 pounds.

Losing weight is something that has always been on my mind, but never has it been something easy for me to accomplish. I have tried so many different diets, and for me as a very picky eater, having to plug my nose to try and suck something down just wasn’t in my best interest. Now I have found Body By Vi (Visalus), and I absolutely love the product. I get up in the morning (which for me right now is noon) and make a shake, I have a healthy chocolate chip cookie that they provide as a snack, a shake for lunch, and i am working on a healthy dinner. 

This was perfect timing for me right now being that I am out of work and staying with some wonderful friends. It helps reduce the cost in food being that I only have to buy for my dinners, and saves time in making things. I have never been one who is good at what I put in my body because usually I am on the go like most and don’t make the time to sit down and make something real that isn’t drive through or something you can throw in a microwave.

So now it’s time to hold my self accountable and it helps to put it out there to everyone, not only so they can help hold me accountable, but for the love and support from friends and family. It’s easy to say you’re going to do something and then put it off till later and you don’t feel guilty, but putting it out there for every one to see and know would be a big let down not only to them, but to me especially. Right now I can take charge of this part of my life so why not. I was blessed with the opportunity and wasn’t about to pass it up.

Would you pass the up the opportunity to make yourself healthier and help the loved ones around you get healthier?


So here it is. I started the challenge on January 15th. 

Weight = 231

Thigh = 24

Arm = 13

Chest = 46

Waist = 50

Hips = 48



Here I am folks. I can’t wait for the transformation! If you are going through something similar or the same thing I would love to hear about it. 

If getting healthy is your goal let me know. Check out my website at heathercaldwell.bodybyvi. com I would love to help!



So, to give you guys a heads up I am involved in  word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. The program is called Bzz Agent, and anyone can join. Some campaigns are free and others do cost some. When you sign up you go through a process of filling out some surveys so they can get an idea of what it is you use on a daily basis, the types of gadgets you own, where you shop, etc. The reason behind this is so when a campaign comes up, if it is something that falls into your category you will get an invite. This is where you can accept or decline if it’s not something that you are interested in.

The campaign I am doing right now is Burt’s Bees, and it is their new Intense Hydration line. This product is for those who have severe dry skin. My kit contained three full size products, the night cream, cleansing cream, and the intense hydration mask, as well as samples to hand out of the day cream and night cream.

I have been a person who would only wear liquid foundation because the powder would dry my skin out even more. This was the case even after I would apply the previous moisturizers that I was using. Now, I am excited because I get to use that expensive powder foundation that has been sitting in my cabinet (for I don’t know how long).

Now with the Intense Hydration mask, you will probably want to use this at night before bed. You will not need to apply any night cream after this. You will also want to wipe some of the excess off with a cool, damp cloth. This is only needed once or twice a week.

The cream cleanser I keep in my shower. It is easiest for me to use there. If I don’t feel like showering till morning, but still need to wipe my make up off, I use the Burt’s Bees towelettes.

With any of these products, a little bit really does go along way. I know many products claim this and we usually end up going for more. That is so not the case with this line. A good example would be with the night cream, I have yet to actually dip my finger into the bottle as I am still using what is in the lid.

I already used the Burt’s Bees line, before the intense hydration line came out and love them. Now I just hope this line sticks around for awhile because the product you buy will last you quite some time. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I love to share what I know as well as learn from others.

Burt’s Bees

Don’t take life for granted

I was reminded this weekend just how valuable life is, and just how easily it can be taken away.

I went for what is always considered a relaxing river float this weekend, and let me tell you after doing this many times without problems this time it was a completely different story. Within the first ten minutes of heading out my tube was popped and there I was under water heading down stream, moving fast and hitting rock after rock. Thankfully I am a fighter and don’t give up easily. I was finally able to grab onto some branches and hold on. The crew I went with was then passing me. I was able to swim to their  boat, in doing so they were able to get to the side to stop and help me out. This is where more problems occurred. The current was very strong and while I was holding on to the rope that surrounds the boat and being pulled by the water one of the ones holding on to the branches didn’t let go and was pulled into the water. There were three of them in the boat and one went after the other. When they left the boat, the boat, me and the one inside started heading down stream.

Adrenaline can do so much for a person. It took me a minute or two to get my footing while being dragged under the boat. I was finally able to stand up and stop the boat and catch my breath for a minute. At this point I wasn’t sure what was going on with the other two. I stood there with the boat in hand waiting. Not sure exactly what I was going to do, but couldn’t move till I knew the other two were okay. As I stood there waiting I saw more floaters come down stream and hollard to them to see if they saw anyone walking or holding on to the side. They said they saw no one. This wasn’t helping me. They were followed by more floaters and when asked they said they saw two people up on shore. This was the news I wanted. Now that I knew those two were okay I could take care of myself and the other person in the boat.

At this point our only choice was to finish up this float. There was no way to turn back or climb onto shore and stop. I was able to hop into the boat and off we went. This year the water is lower and slower. This should make for a fun float. We managed to do pretty well just the two of us. After more than half way through the float we were able to catch up to a few people that had passed us earlier. Finally tied onto others my stress level lowers a bit. At this point one of the guys we tied on with was willing to switch boats and do the rowing as long as he had beer. I was more than okay with this. Now I get to relax even more. Still all the while wondering if the other made it back to the camp site okay.

Finally we come to the finish and a ton of people come running to the boat to help us out. It was great to see everyone and get some assistance getting out of the boat, because right before we finished of course I got this massive charlie horse in my leg and couldn’t stand up. Finally up and out of the boat and on shore. The first two I see are the two we lost at the beginning. So glad to see they made it back safely and in one piece. Their journey was a rough one. They were both covered in massive mosquito bites and cuts. Still standing and glad to see us. They had just called 911 because no one had seen us. All is well. We all made it safe and sound back to the camp site. A very long, exhausting, and somewhat painful day, but ended all right.

Next year this event will come around again. I will be better prepared and smarter about what I do.