Here’s to 2013

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So how many of you are setting New Year’s resolutions? How many of you plan on sticking to your resolutions?

           I plan on making one resolution, and that is making it through the New Year, a better and stronger person than I am today. I am faced with a few struggles going into the New Year that I’d hoped I would never have to face. I don’t wish it upon anyone to face it. I’ve gotten past the whining point and am simply stating my situation in order for myself to put it out there in a positive light, and to hopefully come up with more ideas on how to figure things out.

          This year has been quite the adventure and quite the struggle. I have moved a few times, worked a couple jobs, and I find myself right back where I started a couple years ago when I had to start all over. No accident this year, but I have no home and no job. I will be couch surfing until something comes along a little more permanent. I don’t know what permanent is anymore and wonder if this is something I am bringing upon myself or if it’s just due to circumstances? They say everything happens for a reason and I have to believe all good things will come in due time. I know I need to push myself harder this year and not take so many things for granted. It’s not easy having to set your pride aside and asking for help, especially asking friends to stay on their couches. I don’t know how long I will have to do this, but for my friends sake and my own, I hope it’s not very long.


           What does 2013 have in store for us? No one will ever know. The best thing is to live one day at a time and make it the best you can. Don’t take each day for granted, help those you can, and accept help when you need it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Take time to spend with family and friends. Remember, family isn’t always blood. Don’t get so wrapped up in work and making that next buck that you forget to stop and have some fun. Try and laugh every day. It’s good for the soul.

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          This will be my last blog of 2012. Here’s to a New Year, New Lessons Learned, New Friends, New Mistakes, and hopefully New Love. I wish everyone a wonderful and prosperous New Year, full of wonderful adventures and crazy stories. Please feel free to share if you like. Make this the best year it can be!

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So, to give you guys a heads up I am involved in  word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. The program is called Bzz Agent, and anyone can join. Some campaigns are free and others do cost some. When you sign up you go through a process of filling out some surveys so they can get an idea of what it is you use on a daily basis, the types of gadgets you own, where you shop, etc. The reason behind this is so when a campaign comes up, if it is something that falls into your category you will get an invite. This is where you can accept or decline if it’s not something that you are interested in.

The campaign I am doing right now is Burt’s Bees, and it is their new Intense Hydration line. This product is for those who have severe dry skin. My kit contained three full size products, the night cream, cleansing cream, and the intense hydration mask, as well as samples to hand out of the day cream and night cream.

I have been a person who would only wear liquid foundation because the powder would dry my skin out even more. This was the case even after I would apply the previous moisturizers that I was using. Now, I am excited because I get to use that expensive powder foundation that has been sitting in my cabinet (for I don’t know how long).

Now with the Intense Hydration mask, you will probably want to use this at night before bed. You will not need to apply any night cream after this. You will also want to wipe some of the excess off with a cool, damp cloth. This is only needed once or twice a week.

The cream cleanser I keep in my shower. It is easiest for me to use there. If I don’t feel like showering till morning, but still need to wipe my make up off, I use the Burt’s Bees towelettes.

With any of these products, a little bit really does go along way. I know many products claim this and we usually end up going for more. That is so not the case with this line. A good example would be with the night cream, I have yet to actually dip my finger into the bottle as I am still using what is in the lid.

I already used the Burt’s Bees line, before the intense hydration line came out and love them. Now I just hope this line sticks around for awhile because the product you buy will last you quite some time. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I love to share what I know as well as learn from others.

Burt’s Bees

Life’s ups & downs

It has been quite some time since I have written here. Life has been kinda a crazy, that and I think I forgot I had an account here. I don’t deal with stress all too well, especially when it seems to be a bit more than I can handle.

Stress these days seems to be more about my personal life. When that happens it affects everything else in my life. The worst part is, is when it affects school. I don’t like having to drop classes, or there is the one class I failed due to stress. There are so many things I can do to help with the stress, but the joy that is me, when stress hits and it becomes too much, then it’s friend depression hits. For example tonight I have (had) dance practice, which is always a good time, but instead I took a nap. I know what  I should be doing and it constantly runs through my mind, I just become too lazy for my own good. Another wonderful side effect for me is eating. I love to eat when  I am stressed out.


It’s funny because I give my friends a hard time when they lose weight, because it somehow seems to find me. I know it’s not them, and I know there is so much more that I can be doing to combat this, and actually reverse it, but again I am too lazy for my own good.


I do love my friends and family. A good friend of mine is going to Switzerland for a couple weeks, which means I have a roof over my head for another month. This is a great thing, since I am only working part time right now and can barely afford to live. I make just enough to pay bills and live paycheck to paycheck. For those who are reading this and thinking “man does she wine a lot,” this is just a place for me to vent so my friends don’t have to listen to this or take on any burden of mine.


I am going to stop venting now and try and get some home work done before i get myself too far behind again.

Healthful Bread by Oroweat

I am a part of the BzzAgent campaign and what this allows is for me to try different products for free or at little cost and then tell everyone about it. How could you go wrong? My first campaign that I got to be a part of was the Healthful Bread by Oroweat. They sent me out a coupon to try a loaf for free. The bread is wonderful. Very soft and flavorful. The only part I was disappointed with was the fact that it molded too quickly for me. I guess I don’t go through bread as quick as I thought. The bread is wonderful. If you are looking for a tasteful healthy bread I most certainly recommend this brand.

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It seems to be a pattern for me to keep extremely busy. For awhile I was out of work and only and school to worry about which was not enough to keep my mind busy and then turned into laziness. School was not enough to occupy my mind or my body. Granted I had plenty of time for friends and family, but when there is not income coming in, it really put a limit on what you can do. 

I finally got  back to work which is only part time, but that occupied more of my time as well as my mind because the job is a completely new career move for me so I am learning so much more. Along with work I just signed up for a gym as well. When I throw myself into stuff I really get involved and keep busy. In turn being so busy I’ve exhausted myself already. I’m okay with that. I like having to be on the go and being able to say when someone asks that I have plans and have to schedule someone in. 


Being busy is good, but make sure you don’t get in over your head!!


For the last 7 months I have been a part of the many who are unemployed. It’s crazy to think that much time has gone by, and yet because I am stubborn and don’t give up, last Thursday I became a part of the working class once again. I know that 7 months is no where near as long as some others, but it is still just as stressful. I am thankful for my friends and family who have stuck by me in these trying times. 

Two years ago when I decided it was time to go back to school (one of the best decisions I’ve made), and change my career, I never thought in all this time that I was unemployed that I was going to get a chance to head in the direction of my desired degree. My patience and persistence has paid off. I am very lucky to have found a place that is willing to train me from the ground up. Not many (if any) employers out there are willing to do this. While it is a little nerve racking learning something completely new to me, at the same time it is very exciting!! 

This year is off to a good start. I can not wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for me.