Don’t take life for granted

I was reminded this weekend just how valuable life is, and just how easily it can be taken away.

I went for what is always considered a relaxing river float this weekend, and let me tell you after doing this many times without problems this time it was a completely different story. Within the first ten minutes of heading out my tube was popped and there I was under water heading down stream, moving fast and hitting rock after rock. Thankfully I am a fighter and don’t give up easily. I was finally able to grab onto some branches and hold on. The crew I went with was then passing me. I was able to swim to their  boat, in doing so they were able to get to the side to stop and help me out. This is where more problems occurred. The current was very strong and while I was holding on to the rope that surrounds the boat and being pulled by the water one of the ones holding on to the branches didn’t let go and was pulled into the water. There were three of them in the boat and one went after the other. When they left the boat, the boat, me and the one inside started heading down stream.

Adrenaline can do so much for a person. It took me a minute or two to get my footing while being dragged under the boat. I was finally able to stand up and stop the boat and catch my breath for a minute. At this point I wasn’t sure what was going on with the other two. I stood there with the boat in hand waiting. Not sure exactly what I was going to do, but couldn’t move till I knew the other two were okay. As I stood there waiting I saw more floaters come down stream and hollard to them to see if they saw anyone walking or holding on to the side. They said they saw no one. This wasn’t helping me. They were followed by more floaters and when asked they said they saw two people up on shore. This was the news I wanted. Now that I knew those two were okay I could take care of myself and the other person in the boat.

At this point our only choice was to finish up this float. There was no way to turn back or climb onto shore and stop. I was able to hop into the boat and off we went. This year the water is lower and slower. This should make for a fun float. We managed to do pretty well just the two of us. After more than half way through the float we were able to catch up to a few people that had passed us earlier. Finally tied onto others my stress level lowers a bit. At this point one of the guys we tied on with was willing to switch boats and do the rowing as long as he had beer. I was more than okay with this. Now I get to relax even more. Still all the while wondering if the other made it back to the camp site okay.

Finally we come to the finish and a ton of people come running to the boat to help us out. It was great to see everyone and get some assistance getting out of the boat, because right before we finished of course I got this massive charlie horse in my leg and couldn’t stand up. Finally up and out of the boat and on shore. The first two I see are the two we lost at the beginning. So glad to see they made it back safely and in one piece. Their journey was a rough one. They were both covered in massive mosquito bites and cuts. Still standing and glad to see us. They had just called 911 because no one had seen us. All is well. We all made it safe and sound back to the camp site. A very long, exhausting, and somewhat painful day, but ended all right.

Next year this event will come around again. I will be better prepared and smarter about what I do.



All my life I was raised to tell the truth, granted as adults go most of us don’t always tell the truth all the time. I was raised to work hard for what I want in life and if there is something out there I want I’m capable of obtaining it. It has recently come to my attention that in order to get certain things (that I don’t want, but need to survive at the moment), I have to lie in order to get it. What really makes things worse is that there are so many out there that take this for granted and can easily obtain it while at the same time doing nothing to actually earn it.

I normally don’t like to complain, but this just really set something off in me. Is there anyone out there that has had similar situations? Tell me about it and what you did to solve or make things a bit easier to deal with.

Love a lot……Live a lot……..Laugh a lot

I can’t for the life of me figure out why I was in such a hurry to grow up. Still to this day can’t figure out what being grown up really is. Does it mean we have to stop having imaginations or having fun? I can say one thing for sure being this so-called grown-up isn’t that much fun. Half of that has to do with all of the responsibilities we take on as so-called grown-ups, and the other half is our own damn fault. (Pardon my language)

I think we take the fun out of our own lives, we squash our own dreams, and basically live the mundane lives we feel we have to. We even forget to enjoy the little things that make life worth living. I recently (being today) picked up a new book called “THE BOOK OF AWESOME” by Neil Pasricha, also the author of the website He talks about the simple things that not only bring a smile to your face when you stop and think about it, but also reduce the stress in our lives. He talks about the simple things like getting all of the laundry from the washer to the dryer without dropping anything, hot nights when you can’t sleep, tossing, turning, kicking the covers damn near to the floor, and then their’s that simple thing of flipping your pillow over. It’s cool and refreshing, even relaxing. It’s these simple little things that we take for granted. Just like laughing.

When was the last time you laughed so hard you were crying, had a tummy ache, and the next day your jaw was sore from smiling so much?

When was the last time you really lived? I’m not just talking about your daily wake up, same old boring routine, that you could probably do in your sleep! I mean really got out there and lived for you and for the moment?

Last, but certainly important, when was the last time you really loved? Loved yourself, your friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend? I know this all seems like little stuff, in all actuality these are the biggest and most important things in your life. Don’t take them or yourself for granted.


I honestly don’t know where I would be without my friends. They have been there through thick and thin. There for the good times to laugh, be silly and yes sometimes do stupid stuff and laugh. There through the tears, broken hearts, and struggles.

At this point in my life it’s a bit chaotic and stressful, and some of the decisions I have made haven’t been the best for me mentally. I understand this, and being able to talk to my friends and know that I’m not going to be judged for my decisions is a stress relief. I know I have someone I can talk to and they will listen and share their thoughts. They won’t tell me what to do, but let me know that it’s going to be okay. This is just another stepping stone if you will in this crazy life we lead.

Here’s to my true friends! You know who you are! I love you all!!

Read any good books lately?

With all the reading that we have to do for school, it makes reading anything other than that seem crazy. More reading who wants to do that even when it is just to relax? I’m finally making time to pick up a book other than that assigned by the school. It’s actually rather nice to get lost in a story that I don’t have to comment on or find a meaning to. I’ve always loved to read and it’s nice to be able to get back into it again. I know these days there is all this new technology and different ways to read a book, but my favorite will always be to have the book in hand and to able to turn the page. It may sound funny, but if you take time to slow down a bit and actually enjoy a good book it’s a rather nice feeling.

Anyone out there have any good book suggestions? Tell me about a favorite book you read.

On the move……yet again

In the past eight years it seems that I have moved at least once a year, if not more.  It has been both good and bad, and a lot of learning in the process. I have made friends, lost friends, and learned more about friends in the process. A person does a lot of changing and growing in the process as well. It takes a person who is flexible with change and adaption to move so much. There are times when you live with roommates and it’s a matter of equally sharing space and respecting each other, and then there are times when you move into someone’s house and it’s a matter of learning, and adapting to their routine and their rules. I’m all for that especially when they are helping me out greatly and in the process giving me my privacy.

Things will always work out the way they are supposed to in the end for the most part, the scary thing can be waiting to find out what’s going to happen, how is it going to happen, and the most important part, when is it going to happen?

I’m not big on the whole god thing, but I have learned when it comes to change and making things happen, patience is definitely a great thing to have.

I’m not 21 anymore…

There’s nothing like learning the hard way that your not young anymore. Of course I do know how old I am, but I know a lot of us out there feel younger than we really are.

I tried to test the theory of how young I really feel by attempting to work a ten hour shift on no sleep. Let me tell ya it didn’t pan out so well. I am very cranky, sore, and don’t put up with stupid people so well. It also doesn’t help that I had to sit for most of that ten hour period. I had my coffee, and caffeine throughout the day, but it doesn’t do much for me these days. I can attest to that because I can drink a soda before bed and then go right to sleep. I know it’s not good for me and yet here I sit doing it.

Anyways, I don’t think I will be attempting to stay up all night and try to function the next day. It just doesn’t work.