Rain – sun – Rain

I live in a state that rain is almost a constant. We get picked on for the amount of rain, but if it weren’t for the rain we wouldn’t have such a beautiful green state. Even during the winter you can look out and see green trees. Sometime’s I feel as though my moods follow the weather. Sometime’s it’s hard not to follow the weather, then there are those days that no matter how hard it rains, it’s still a great day and so beautiful outside.                               For those who have never been here or have never lived here will find it hard to understand what is so great, but this is where I challenge you to visit the state and take a true look around. There is so much to do and see. I know it’s not for everyone, just like any state. Along with every state we have our challenges with nature as well. Just recently mother nature gave us a huge wake up call with a landslide that has taken many lives way too soon.                         This is just a small piece of what mother nature is capable of. We ask for thoughts and prayers for those who were taken too soon and those yet to be found and the families affected by this tragedy.


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