Healthful Bread by Oroweat

I am a part of the BzzAgent campaign and what this allows is for me to try different products for free or at little cost and then tell everyone about it. How could you go wrong? My first campaign that I got to be a part of was the Healthful Bread by Oroweat. They sent me out a coupon to try a loaf for free. The bread is wonderful. Very soft and flavorful. The only part I was disappointed with was the fact that it molded too quickly for me. I guess I don’t go through bread as quick as I thought. The bread is wonderful. If you are looking for a tasteful healthy bread I most certainly recommend this brand.

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It seems to be a pattern for me to keep extremely busy. For awhile I was out of work and only and school to worry about which was not enough to keep my mind busy and then turned into laziness. School was not enough to occupy my mind or my body. Granted I had plenty of time for friends and family, but when there is not income coming in, it really put a limit on what you can do. 

I finally got  back to work which is only part time, but that occupied more of my time as well as my mind because the job is a completely new career move for me so I am learning so much more. Along with work I just signed up for a gym as well. When I throw myself into stuff I really get involved and keep busy. In turn being so busy I’ve exhausted myself already. I’m okay with that. I like having to be on the go and being able to say when someone asks that I have plans and have to schedule someone in. 


Being busy is good, but make sure you don’t get in over your head!!


For the last 7 months I have been a part of the many who are unemployed. It’s crazy to think that much time has gone by, and yet because I am stubborn and don’t give up, last Thursday I became a part of the working class once again. I know that 7 months is no where near as long as some others, but it is still just as stressful. I am thankful for my friends and family who have stuck by me in these trying times. 

Two years ago when I decided it was time to go back to school (one of the best decisions I’ve made), and change my career, I never thought in all this time that I was unemployed that I was going to get a chance to head in the direction of my desired degree. My patience and persistence has paid off. I am very lucky to have found a place that is willing to train me from the ground up. Not many (if any) employers out there are willing to do this. While it is a little nerve racking learning something completely new to me, at the same time it is very exciting!! 

This year is off to a good start. I can not wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for me.