My friends keep life pretty entertaining for me, but I would have to say my work can be pretty entertaining at times too. I am a call center rep for Nintendo (game company), and I have to wonder a lot about the people who call me.

My first surprising call was from a man who lived in Vegas and invited me to come and visit. I would have a “room” to stay in and tons of fun. Mind you he is telling me all of this after he told me that he is an “old retired man” and the cops have video cameras in his home and they are watching him. That led me to wonder why he would have cameras in his home to keep an eye on him, if that is indeed the case. Towards the end of the call he was telling me that I was probably a very beautiful woman and have all the men hitting on me. I kept redirecting the call to getting his Wii gaming system connected to the internet. I did manage within this call to get his system connected and before we could completely finish he hung up.

1. I would never fly somewhere to stay with someone I have never met, let alone some old man who believes he is being watched.

2. Would you really call someone to trouble shoot a product and then hit on them?

Doesn’t it make you wonder about people sometimes?

I’d have to say my next best call would be a lady who called to get her Wii gaming system connected to the internet, but did not have her own. She wanted to use her neighbor’s, and even had the password to access it. I explained to her that we could make the attempt  to connect, but if it didn’t work there was no way we could help her any further. She was frustrated, but what can I do? I certainly couldn’t have her knock on her neighbor’s door and ask to access the router and computer. Still this lady was determined to make it work. (Pay for your own internet service and router lady!)

There is one more call that stands out in my mind and that would be the guy who would pay me to make a “House Call.” Obviously it wouldn’t be to work on his gaming system. Of course he was only kidding.

1. What would he have done if I didn’t have a sense of humor?

2. Do these people think before they speak?

I will share more of my entertaining calls as they are answered. What’s is something random or strange that is happened to you at work?


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