This weekend was good for many reasons. I was able to hang out with wonderful friends and even get to know a friend better. In getting to know this person we found that we had many things in common, the biggest thing being that we are both “an only child”. This was nice because not many people understand what a big impact on your life it is to be an only child. I will state that I do have a half-brother, but was not raised with him. I didn’t meet him till I was 13, and then I moved.

A couple of the biggest things that stick with you when you’re an only child is the sharing factor and the doing things for yourself. When you’re an only child you don’t have to share much unless you are at daycare, or in school. While school and daycare took up part of your time, most of the time was spent at home getting pretty much what you wanted. That doesn’t mean that you were spoiled (maybe some were), you get to do what you want, and you can get away with for the most part what you want. Not only do you get what you want when you are an only child, you also get most of the attention. I know for myself toys didn’t always work to keep me occupied. I did spend a lot of my time outdoors and with friends. My mom wasn’t one to ground me much, and if she did the punishment was usually taken away within an hour or so because she would send me to the store. In order for me to go to the store I would have to ride my bike and that was usually taken away as part of the punishment.

Being an only child you don’t realize how big of an impact it makes on your life. I didn’t realize this until later in life when I had to start being an adult and actually doing things for myself. I’ve always been a pretty independent person, but there are those little things in life that you get used to others doing for you. I guess the easiest way for me to explain it would be for example me trying to figure out the bus system. It can be very overwhelming when you are extremely directionally challenged. I know that with my phone I could call metro and figure out what bus I needed to take all on my own, instead I call my mom who is at home and can look it up for me. This is just one little example. Being an only child is not a bad thing, but I would recommend to those having kids don’t stop at one. If you are able to have two go for it. It’s not only good for the child, but will be good for the parents in the long run. The kids will have each other to keep company and entertain one another when needed, and when the parents get too old to take care of themselves there will be two kids to help share the responsibilities.

This is just a little bit of insight into the life of an “only child”. If there is anyone out that would like to share your insights of being an only child I would love to hear about it.


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