Christmas lights…

There is something almost magical about Christmas lights. I love to sleep next to them. I have loved it ever since I was a kid. I loved to sleep in the living room near the Christmas tree. There is just a soft glow about them. Not overwhelming, just relaxing. Part of it was the excitement of Santa coming and Christmas morning when you opened your eyes and there was presents surrounding the tree. Christmas was always such a magical time of year. It’s kinda sad when you grow up and all that magic seems to disappear. Now everyone is obsessed with the next best thing they can buy for someone. It’s not about spending time with family, or even the true meaning of Christmas. This year is a bit different in our house, as funds are quite tight these days, it is going to be just about spending time with family and just enjoying the holiday without the stress of what to buy for everyone. It’s a nice change of pace.


One thought on “Christmas lights…

  1. We haven’t exchanged gift within my family for the past few years. We all acknowledged that we have too much stuff. We’ve started a new tradition of give experiences wheither it be volunteering at a shelter, competing in a 5k (walking for me, not running), or just getting mani/pedis together.

    Start this year as a tradition, even during the afluent times, boycott the gift giving.

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